The Benefits of Using a Boiler for Home Heating

boiler-residentialWhen it comes to debating what type of heating system to use for a new home, you have more options than you would if you were only replacing a current system. You can decide on a forced-air system using ductwork, or a radiant system that sends out heat by warming up objects in the room. The most common type of radiant system is a hydronic system, where water is heated in a boiler tank and then circulated through radiators and baseboard heaters in the various rooms.

Is a boiler on your list for a possible heating installation for your house? We think it should be—although you’ll always want to seek out quality heating services from professionals before you make a definite choice. Until then, here are some of the benefits of a boiler for you to consider.

High energy efficiency

Most boiler systems run from natural gas, as do many furnaces (the most popular type of forced-air system). Natural gas is less expensive an energy source than electricity. But what gives a boiler an extra edge when it comes to energy consumption is that water is a better heat transfer medium than air. Just think about the difference in the heat you feel when you put your hand in hot water compared to a stream of hot air. A boiler system will consume less energy than a furnace over its lifetime.

Fewer repairs

A boiler contains a small number of moving parts—far less than are in furnaces and heat pumps. Because of this, a boiler has fewer parts liable to collect stress and break down. A boiler maintained properly will rack up far fewer repairs over its service life compared to forced-air systems.

Longer service life

This is related to the reduced repairs. Because a boiler suffers from wear and tear slower than other heating systems, it can enjoy a longer service life. A heat pump can last from 10 to 15 years; a furnace around 15 years; but a boiler can often last for 20 years or more. And that means even more time to benefit from energy savings.

Even heating

One of the problems forced-air systems have is that they blow out air from vents that then rises quickly to collect at the ceiling. It can take a while for the heated air to spread around a room. Radiant heating coming from radiators and baseboard heaters doesn’t have this problem: it spreads out evenly, preventing cold spots and creating greater comfort.

Lower amounts of dust

Any forced-air system blows around the dust that collects inside the ventilation system and sends it around the rooms. Boilers don’t use ducts at all, helping to create cleaner air and cleaner homes.

Heating that feels better

This is a bit more subjective, but most people find the heating from a boiler to feel better—like the warmth of a sunny day. Furnaces can often make rooms feel stuffy, but boilers give off a pleasant heating sensation.

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