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Air Conditioning Question: Why Are Clean Filters So Important to AC Efficiency?

Professional HVAC technicians are adamant about the importance of keeping AC filters clean and for good reason.

But why? Why are the filters so important? There are three main reasons, all of which affect the efficiency of operation of your Broomall air conditioner.

The most direct effect of a dirty filter is that when it is clogged with debris, air cannot easily pass through. Dust, hair, dirt, lint and pet dander collect on the filter. When not disposed of, over time these particles form a sheet-like layer on the filter, making the passage of air very difficult. Although your air conditioner is working to cool air and circulate it through your home, you do not get to enjoy the effects. A dirty filter degrades the cooling efficiency of the system.

As a result of this debris collection, many of the components have to work harder to try to keep up with cooling demands. Because the cooled air is having so much difficulty being distributed throughout the home, the temperature is not falling as quickly as it ordinarily would. So, the thermostat keeps the air conditioner running for longer than it would otherwise have to. This hurts energy efficiency and takes a toll on the mechanical parts, like the blower motor and fan.

That debris on the dirty filter can also break loose and get lodged in or attached to other components of your AC. When dirt and debris winds up on condenser coils, in motors or clogging up intakes, efficiency can suffer all throughout the system.

A clean filter prevents all these problems, keeps your home cool more efficiently and prolongs the life of your air conditioner. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and/or replacing your air filters. Usually, they should be checked once a month and cleaned or replaced as necessary, plus inspected by a Broomall air conditioning professional annually. Call Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. if you have any questions!

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