3 Ways to Keep Your Generator Prepared

No matter what the time of year, there’s always the chance of inclement weather or a similar disaster cutting off the power to your home. Wynnewood, PA has terrific civic electrical services, but Pennsylvania is no stranger to bad weather, and even the best system will go down when Mother Nature vents her fury. A whole-house generator makes an ideal defense against that possibility. But you need to do more than simply install it. You need to be prepared and keep your generator ready to go, because trouble often strikes without warning. Here are 3 ways to do so, ensuring that you won’t be caught flat-footed when trouble arises.

1.      Keep It Maintained

A generator won’t do you any good if it suddenly develops problems just when you need it the most. The best way to prevent that is to schedule a maintenance session with a trained technician once or twice a year. In addition to looking out for potential problems and arranging to correct them before the next big storm his, a maintenance session will lower the wear and tear on your generator and help extend its life.

2.      Always Have Enough Fuel

Make sure you know your generator’s fuel consumption rate, as well as the kind of fuel it needs. Always have enough to run the generator for several days, stored somewhere safe and dry on your property where you can easily get at it.

3.      Have a Start-Up Plan

When the lights go out, you likely won’t have time to figure out what to do. Make sure you can always get to your generator during inclement weather and have a plan in place to start it up and check on it ready to go before the rain or snow starts to fall. That way, you’ll be ready to go the moment you need to be and won’t have to worry about which steps to take.

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