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3 Reasons Why Your Furnace Isn’t Blowing Hot Air

3 Reasons Why Your Furnace Isn’t Blowing Hot Air

It’s a disconcerting feeling. You fire up your furnace on a blustery cold Havertown, PA day, only to feel cool air coming out of your vents. Or perhaps the air is warm, but not nearly as warm as you were expecting, leading to higher bills and increased strain on your system. Either way, you need a qualified repair technician to step in and take care of the problem. The good news is that there are qualified companies in the area who can do a fantastic job for you. But it may help you to understand some of the possible reasons why your furnace isn’t blowing hot air. We’ve listed three of them below.

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1.     Clogs

Clogs in this case often means the burners, which can become clogged if they aren’t serviced on a regular basis. Other clogs can develop in the gas lines, which prevent fuel from reaching the burners. Either way, the effect is the same: some burners won’t light and the resulting heat is muted at best and non-existent at worst. Always get a technician to treat such clogs because gas is involved, and if it leaks you could have a very dangerous problem on your hands.

2.     Overheating

Some furnaces will shut down their burners if the system is overheating in order to keep from damaging internal components. If this happens, the fans may still blow cool air (though it depends on what kind of system you have). If it happens once, try changing the furnace filter, which can create overheating issues if it’s dirty. If the problem persists, call in a technician.

3.     Breaches in the Ducts

If your ducts suffer damage and a hole opens up, or a seal between different duct pieces becomes loose, then you have a problem. Breaches tend to suck out the hot air or pull in the cool air, which undoes all of the work your heater has done.

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