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Whole–House Generator Installation Services

Are you looking to have a backup generator installed for your home in case of a long power outage? This is an excellent plan, and it’s much easier to have done than you might imagine. You only need to pick up the phone and call Wm. Henderson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc.. We offer a full range of generator services, including new generator installation, which we do for automatic standby generators along with a variety of whole-house generators from the best brands. Contact us today and find out all about the options you have when it comes to setting up a generator for your house.

We offer 0% financing on generator installations for up to 60 months!

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Some of the Benefits of a Generator

A whole–house generator is the best way to guard your home from an extended blackout. Small portable generators—the sort that campers use—are simply insufficient to see to the needs of an entire household. But a whole–house backup generator can see you through a run of days, powering all the necessary appliances in your home that you need for comfort and safety.

There are two especially important benefits of a generator to keep in mind:

Since blackouts usually occur during the winter, the generator will be able to power your heating system and keep everyone warm until the electricity returns.
If there are people in your home who rely on powered medical equipment, a generator will provide the reassurance that there will be no interruption in the electricity necessary to run the devices.

An automatic standby generator provides an even better level of protection: this type of generator turns on as soon as it detects a loss of power in the house. That means you won’t have to go outside in harsh conditions and fiddle with generator to get it started. This is also useful for when the blackout occurs and you aren’t currently at home.


Why You Need Professional Generator Installation

You cannot take care of putting in a backup generator on your own. This work requires professionals for a number of reasons.

The first is that only skilled technicians can determine the right type and size of generator to see to your specific needs. An under–powered generator won’t give you the level of voltage necessary to run lights and appliances during a blackout. An over–powered generator will threaten to trip circuit breakers and blow fuses—and you’ll be left in the dark no matter what!

The second reason is that professionals will see that the generator receives a safe installation. The majority of whole–house generators operate on natural gas, which is a reliable and inexpensive energy source. Non–professionals should never work on any appliance connected to a gas main, as it is a large health hazard. But any generator could present safety problems if it receives amateur work.


We Install Generators in Delaware County and The Main Line

Installing a generator is an excellent idea for almost any home. You will find few better “insurance policies” for a house than having its electrical needs protected in case of an extended blackout. But you shouldn’t trust this job to simply anyone (and you should never try to do it yourself). Call Wm. Henderson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc., where we have provided Havertown, PA homes with comfort services since 1977. We will see that you receive the right generator installation that will keep your family cozy and safe.

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