EV Charger Installation

Congratulations on your new electric vehicle! Let’s discuss what you will need to charge your vehicle. The beauty of bringing home a new or used electric vehicle is you can plug it into a normal receptacle. The bad side is that your car will charge slowly, and you need a special charging station installed.


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Make sure you “defer liability” and have the dealership give you a list of recommended chargers as there are so many on the

EV Chargers market these days. There are many electric vehicles and their respective chargers have the ability to be manipulated so that we can select our charging rate and ampacity. This will alleviate much of the pain when it comes to making your new EV fit your lifestyle and current electrical circumstances.



What brand of an automobile are you purchasing? What kind of charger you need depends on what kind of car you purchase. The Nissan Leaf and Chevy Bolt don’t necessarily need large circuits, as compared to the Porsche and Tesla Model S or X.

Is your electrical service too small? A 100-amp service is more than sufficient for the items we have become accustomed to. However, if you already have central AC and your dryer, range, and water heater are electric, 100 amps may not be enough to support an EV.

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