Was This the Last Winter for Your Furnace?

Furnace-standardWhen the cold days finally get behind us and the warm mid-year winter settles in is a good time to think about how your home furnace performed. If you encountered no major troubles from your furnace over the winter, your house stayed comfortable, and the utility bills were steady, you’ve probably got a furnace in good shape for next winter.

But if you’re reading this, it’s probably because something wasn’t right with the furnace, or you suspect it’s getting too old to be reliable. Replacing a dying furnace during the middle of the year is good planning, since you’ll have an easy time scheduling the service and won’t have to worry about staying warm while the work is being done. But how can you know for certain it’s time for a replacement? A new furnace is a major investment, and you don’t want to do it years before you have to.

Going to an HVAC Professional Is Always a Good First Step

We’re going to get into a few of the indications of a furnace that’s ready to retire below. First, however, we want to cut to the heart of the matter—the best way to get an answer about whether you should replace your furnace or not is to call a licensed HVAC expert.

Spring is when we recommend scheduling your AC tune-up and inspection. Ask a technician to arrange for a furnace inspection at the same time. The technician can make checks and to tests so you’ll have an expert opinion on how much longer the furnace will last and if it’s cost-effective to keep it. You can count on our technicians to be honest with you about the best way forward.

The General Warnings Signs of a Failing Furnace

Here are a couple of ways you can tell it’s time to call the experts for a furnace inspection:

  • Age: A gas furnace can sometimes make it to 20 years, but once it’s over 15 is when you should consider a replacement. This is the point where furnaces can start to lose efficiency at be at higher risk of corrosion. Electric furnaces can last a few years longer.
  • Extra repairs: You shouldn’t need to have the furnace repairs more than once a year. Any repair cost that’s higher than half the cost of a replacement is probably not worth doing.
  • Rising utility bills: Since you’ve had your furnace for a few years, you’ll have a good idea of how much you’ll pay in gas/electric bills during the winter. If this cost has sharply risen and repairs don’t reverse it, you may have an over-the-hill furnace.
  • Corrosion: Any spot of corrosion on the furnace is a reason to call for a repair technician. If corrosion starts inside the furnace along the heat exchanger, it can create health hazards. Since corrosion usually only happens when the furnace is very old, it’s usually a sign it’s time to replace the system.

You can count on us for all the heating services you may need, as well as cooling service for the upcoming summer.

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