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What is a SEER Rating?

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, now is the time to act. High temperatures and mugginess have already arrived here in Wynnewood, PA, and the longer you delay in making a replacement, the greater the chances of trouble when the heat really hits.


3 Ways to Keep Your Generator Prepared

No matter what the time of year, there’s always the chance of inclement weather or a similar disaster cutting off the power to your home. Wynnewood, PA has terrific civic electrical services, but Pennsylvania is no stranger to bad weather, and even the best system will go down when Mother Nature vents her fury.


When Is It Time to Call for Commercial Heating Repair

Indoor comfort is critical to the operation of your business, so it’s important to know when to call for commercial heating repair in Wynnewood. Problems with heating systems aren’t always overtly evident, so to help you decipher some of the signs…


Problems that May Occur with a Commercial Boiler

Commercial boilers are powerful heating systems, with the ability to keep an entire office building warm no matter what the outdoor temperature. Boilers are built tough because they often handle a large heating load. Even though these units are meant to last for many years…


Common Problems with Ductless Mini Splits in the Heating Season

Ductless mini-splits are becoming quite the popular home heating option for homeowners who are dissatisfied with other systems. They’re energy efficient, cost-effective, and flexible. However, ductless mini-splits have some problems, just like any machine.


Be Sure to Schedule Prompt Commercial Plumbing Repair

Your commercial plumbing system is vital to the operation of your business. Whether you need a complex plumbing system to accommodate the amount of water usage and wastewater at your large commercial kitchen, or if the plumbing is primarily used for the office break room, your ability to conduct business is still severely limited whenever there is a plumbing problem.


Repair Needs Caused by a Clogged Furnace Filter

Your furnace keeps you comfortable all winter long. And since your furnace takes such good care of you, take care of your furnace by following a few simple maintenance steps. First, make sure that no vents are blocked by furniture.


What Equipment is Used During Trenchless Pipe Replacement?

When you need to replace your plumbing, it’s never an ideal situation, but with trenchless pipe replacement, the process may go more smoothly than you expect. Trenchless pipe replacement involves very little digging, so you won’t have to get rid of important components of your landscaping…


Video Camera Technology and Drain Repair

The equipment that plumbers use to clear drains and other repair jobs has come a long way. Professionals still use tried-and-true tools like plungers and wrenches, but technological advances have put power into their hands that allows them to perform jobs faster and better than ever before.


Benefits to Installing UV Germicidal Lights

Numerous pollutants can enter the ventilation system in your house and blow through your indoor air: dust, dirt, pollen, dander from pets, dust mites, and various types of chemicals like carbon monoxide and pesticides. One of the most worrying contaminants…