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How Plumbers Handle Water Line Replacement

Monday, July 7th, 2014

The water line into your home is the most important part of residential plumbing: without it, you have no plumbing at all! You need a supply of water entering your house for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and more. If you’ve ever needed to go without running water because of an interruption in service from the water company, you know how inconvenient it is even for a short time. If you are experiencing service trouble due to your own water line, you need to call for professionals to replace it so you can avoid worries in the future.

You may have seen water line replacement before: a huge trench dug from the street across the lawn to the side of a house, with a yard crammed with digging equipment. However, your water line replacement in Springfield, PA doesn’t have to go this way. If you call Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. to schedule your replacement, we will use trenchless technology that will leave your lawn intact and take only a short time to complete.

Here’s how plumbers take care of trenchless water line replacement

How can plumbers put in a new water pipe without digging an ugly trench down to the old one? The process involves hydraulics and an expanding pipe liner that bursts the old pipe to replace it.

To begin the process, the plumbers locate where the water line enters your home. They shut down the water flow and detach the plumbing from the water line. They then slide a replacement pipe liner inside the current pipe.

Outside, the plumbers locate the spot near the sidewalk where the municipal supply enters your property. The plumbers only need to dig at this one spot. They excavate a small area to access the end of the water line, and detach it from the municipal supply. Then they then hook a hydraulic system to the end of the water line. The hydraulics pull the pipe liner all the way through the old pipe until it reaches the other end.

The plumbers now send a “pipe-burster” through the pipe, which expands out the liner. This causes the older pipe to break apart, and the inner pipe replaces it. The plumbers then have to hook the new pipe to the water main and to the indoor plumbing, fill in the outside hole, and the job is finished. It usually only requires a few hours, and you’ll barely even know the plumbers were there.

Thanks to trenchless water line replacement in Springfield, PA, you will have little interruption in your daily routine and have your lawn returned to you exactly as it was. Best of all, you’ll have a clean, sturdy new pipe that will supply you with fresh water for decades.

To schedule water line replacement or any other important plumbing service, call Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. today. Let our 37 years of experience go to work for you.

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Plumber’s Tip: 3 Top Reasons to Go Trenchless

Monday, December 10th, 2012

At Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc., we provide trenchless technology for sewer and water line replacements throughout the Ardmore, PA area. Our plumbers are experts in their field and can get your line replaced before you know it with this advanced technology. We also minimize damage to your property with trenchless methods, which is just one of the many benefits of using this technology.

Are you facing a sewer or water line replacement? We’ve put together three of the top reasons to go trenchless. Call us any time to set up a consultation.

1. Trenchless Pipe Replacement is Cost-Effective

When our plumbers use trenchless technology, they only need to dig a couple of small holes to insert a cable that is attached to a hydraulic machine. The pressure from the machine allows the cable to burst or remove the old line as the new line is being installed. This makes it more cost-effective than spending hours of labor digging a trench in your yard.

2. Minimizes Damage to Your Yard

Because trenchless requires only a minimal amount of digging, you know that you can count on less damage to your property, landscaping, and patios. This avoids digging up trees, unless they are the cause of the problem. If you know that roots have finding their way into your sewer line, you can save yourself the hassle of having a line replaced by having the trees removed, or you can ask about relocating the line during replacement.

3. Faster Repair

In addition to less labor costs, you get your water or sewer line replaced faster. That means you get to get back to your daily routine ASAP.

Call the Ardmore, PA plumbers at Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. if you have questions or would like to schedule a video pipe inspection.

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Components of Trenchless Water Line Replacement: A Plumbing Guide

Monday, November 12th, 2012

It’s a job that homeowners in Media dread: water line replacement. However, trenchless water line replacement is a much less cumbersome approach to water line replacement projects and makes it a relatively painless process. It is much less intrusive and is generally less expensive than traditional pipe replacement. Below we describe some of the components of trenchless water line replacement.

Trenchless Means No Trench

As the name implies, trenchless water line replacement jobs don’t require the digging of a trench. This is a great relief to homeowners because it leaves their landscaping intact. With trenchless projects, only 2 holes are dug in your yard so that the technicians can gain access to both ends of the water line.

Less Time

Without a gigantic trench to dig, trenchless water line replacement normally is done within a day. This also decreases the amount of time that you’re inconvenienced by a large hole and equipment in your yard.

Pipe Relining

After the hole is dug, one way to get a new pipe into the ground is to inflate one. This method involves running a deflated liner into the old pipe. Then a bladder is inserted and inflated to hold the new pipe in place while it adheres to the old pipe. While this doesn’t technically replace the old pipe, it does provide a durable and seamless new pipe inside of your old one. Generally, this only reduces the diameter of the pipe by about 1/4 of an inch.

Pipe Bursting

This method of pipe replacement actually destroys the old pipe and replaces it with a new one. Once both of the holes are dug on either side of your water main, a machine drags a metal cone-shaped head through the existing pipe to break it apart. Immediately behind the cone, is a new pipe that gets inserted as the cone is dragged through the existing hole.

If you’re interested in trenchless water line replacement services at your home in Media, contact Wm. Henderson Plumbing and Heating. We’ll make sure that your home is back up and running quickly and with as little inconvenience for you as possible.

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Signs That You Need a Sewer Line Replacement

Monday, November 5th, 2012

There are a lot of problems that you may face as a Newtown Square homeowner, but few can be more of a headache than learning that you need a sewer line replaced. While it may not be something that you look forward to dealing with, a sewer line replacement should be handled as quickly as possible. If your sewer line is broken, leaking or otherwise compromised it can cause serious damage to your home and plumbing system. Knowing the signs that your sewer line may need to be replaced can help eliminate these risks. here are some indicators to keep an eye out for. If you think your sewer line may be in need of replacement, call the sewer line replacement experts at Wm. Henderson Plumbing Heating Cooling Services right away. We’ll get the job done quickly and correctly to make sure that disruption to your home and convenience is minimal.

One indicator that you may have a problem with your sewer line requiring a sewer line replacement is varying water levels in your toilet. This could be caused by a simple clog, but it is necessary that you have a professional Newtown Square plumber come to assess the situation and to assure that it is not the result of serious damage to your sewer line. If you notice changing water levels in your toilet, call Wm. Henderson to have your plumbing system inspected today.

Another problem to keep an eye out for that could indicate the need for a new sewer line is frequent slow draining from your sinks, tubs and showers. Again, this slow draining could be caused by a simple clog that can be cleared out, but if it is a frequent, persistent occurrence it could be a more serious issue. Don’t take any risks by assuming that a problem is no big deal. Call for professional service and be sure of what you’re dealing with.

Water stains and damage around your foundation is a pretty sure sign of a problem with your sewer line. While the severity of the damage to your sewer line will determine whether or not it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced, some action must be taken as quickly as possible. A lot of water runs through that line, and a lot of damage can be done to your home relatively quickly depending on the size of the leak. Don’t put your home and property at risk of water damage. Call for professional service the moment you suspect a problem with your sewer line. The plumbing experts at Wm. Henderson are available to help ensure that your home is protected from the potential damage that a broken sewer line can cause. When your sewer line in Newtown Square needs replacement, Wm. Henderson will get the job done right. Call today to schedule service.

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Plumbing Guide: Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Steps

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Replacing a sewer line is a big project, but it used to be a much bigger one. Thanks to trenchless sewer line replacement technology a job that used to be very intrusive and expensive can now be performed quickly, affordably and with little disruption to your Springfield PA home. Here is some information about the steps involved in the trenchless sewer line replacement process supplied by the experts at Wm. Henderson Plumbing Heating Cooling Services.

Trenchless sewer line replacement requires much less digging to be performed on your property than the traditional replacement method. This leaves much less clean-up work and collateral damage to your lawn and property. The process is much quicker, and substantially cheaper. There are a few ways in which a sewer line may be replaced in a trenchless replacement process.

The pipe lining technique involves a flexible tube being fed into a damaged pipe. The tube is then inflated, and after a period of time the resin it is coated with hardens. This creates a pipe within the original pipe, meaning that the original does not even have to be removed. While the new, inner pipe is a bit smaller than the old, outer one, it is not enough of a difference to affect the pipe’s performance. Generally only one hole needs to be dug for this procedure.

Another option is the pipe bursting method. With this method a new pipe is pulled through the old damaged one, bursting it from within. A cone-shaped bursting head splits the pipe as the pneumatic jack pulls it through. Access holes will need to be dug on both sides. If the existing pipe is made of a material that will not burst the powerful machines used to pull the new pipe through will simply use the cone attached to the end of the replacement pipe to push the old one out.

Once the pipe replacement is completed the patches of land that were dug up or excavated to provide access to the pipe will be refilled or repaired. If this is in your lawn your service provider may reseed the area for you. It is important that trenchless sewer line replacement is performed only by a dependable Springfield PA plumber. If you have any questions about the trenchless sewer line replacement process or where to get this service in your area, call Wm. Henderson Plumbing Heating Cooling Services. We are happy to share our expertise with you.

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Plumber’s Guide: When to Consider Water Line Replacement

Monday, October 1st, 2012

There are many situations in which you might consider having a water line in your Media home replaced, but it doesn’t always make financial sense to go through and rip out old pipes and install replacements. That’s why, if a problem does develop, you want to know what the best option will be. Here are a few situations in which it makes sense to replace the water line (or multiple water lines) in your home.

  • Very Old Pipes – If your pipes are particularly old, to the point that they are either breaking down inside or they consist of metals like lead that have long since been banned and shown to have adverse health effects, you might want to replace your water lines.
  • Signs of Deterioration of Low Water Pressure – If you have low water pressure of if the pipes in your home are no longer delivering clean, fresh water, then it is definitely time to have the water lines replaced.
  • Hard Water Issues – Hard water can occur for a number of reasons, most notably because of a degradation of the materials in the pipes that deliver the water. If this happens, consider new pipes.
  • Leak(s) – The most obvious sign that you need new pipes is that they are starting to leak. Whether a slow and steady drip or repeated leaks that require repairs seemingly month, a repair call is recommended.

If any of these issues develops, a water line replacement may be the best solution for your particular needs. The best way to know for sure, of course, is to call Wm. Henderson Plumbing Heating Cooling Services and have us perform a thorough inspection. Often, even when a water line appears in good condition, if it is old enough, there can be issues that are developing unseen and that will eventually create one of the above listed problems.

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Plumber’s Guide: Tree Roots and Other Dangers – What’s in Your Pipes?

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

All the sewers, waste pipes and drains from your Springfield PA home lead directly to the septic tank or municipal sewer. To ensure that water flows through these pipes smoothly, it is important to keep them clog-free. To do this, you must always be careful about what you flush down the drains, sewers and toilets in your home.

Apart from the common household items that can clog drains, sewer pipes, especially those made of clay or cast iron can get blocked with tree roots. Roots grow through the joints and continue growing inside the pipes, eventually leading to a complete blockage.

To keep this from happening, it is necessary to perform a few periodic checks. First, find out which path the sewer pipe takes from your home to the street and check if there are any bushes or trees along the path. If there are any trees, you can control the growth of roots in the pipes by treating the sewer with a solution periodically.

It is important to call the right Springfield PA plumbing professionals to do this to ensure that they know how to go about keeping your sewer lines clear. If tree roots are a danger to your system, they will first drill a two-and-half inch diameter hole above sewer line. About two feet above the ground, a twenty-inch PVC pipe will then be inserted into the hole. This one-and-a-half inch pipe will be glued to an adapter on one end where a cap will be screwed on to it about two inches below the ground.

They will then pour hot water and copper sulphate crystals halfway into the pipe and wait for the copper sulphate to dissolve and seep into the ground. This will keep any tree roots from growing in the sewer. To keep roots from growing repeatedly, this procedure must be carried out at least once every four months.

Another alternative is to pour the solution to keep roots from growing down the clean out fitting. This will usually be located at the side of your home. Remember, however, that you should never clean your sewer using caustic drain cleaners as they can severely damage pipes. If you find roots blocking your sewer pipes, you need Springfield PA plumbing professional help in getting them cleared out.

Prevention is always better than emergency repairs. To ensure that roots do not grow in the sewer and drain pipes, take the above precautions. If roots do grow, call Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. immediately to get them removed.


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