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Drain Cleaning Is Better and Faster with This Amazing Device

Monday, June 18th, 2018

tapwater-down-drainDrain cleaning is about more than unclogging drains. It is also a preventive method that keeps away future clogs. We encourage homeowners to arrange for professional drain cleaning once a year to help keep their drainage system working at its best and avoid having to make emergency service calls because of a stopped up bath or kitchen drain.

Plumbers use a number of specialized tools to clean drains, such as motorized drain augers (a.k.a. drain snakes) and powerful hydro-jetters that blast high-pressure water along the inside of the drainpipes to scour them clean.

There’s one device that modern technology has developed that makes drain cleaning faster and more effective than ever before: video pipe inspection equipment.

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Weird Causes of Drain Clogs!

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

water-filtration-systemsOn our blog posts, we like to address the more common issues our consumers may run into with their plumbing systems. Drain and toilet clogs are one of the most common problem—quite possibly the most common—type of plumbing issue. But on this post, we want to do a little something different: list a few of strange and more uncommon reasons for drains to clog. You’ll need a professional plumber to handle these problems.

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How to Prevent Hair Clogs in Bathroom Drains

Monday, January 15th, 2018

drain-with-chain-plugThere are many different causes of bathroom sinks or shower drains becoming clogged. Probably the biggest one is hair clogs. Hair that goes down a drain can easily become caught in the P-trap, the curved pipe section located right under the drain. Once hair is caught, it starts to snare more hair that comes down the drain. It won’t take long for a tangled blockage to stop up the pipe—and it can be hard to clear out using a plunger or even a hand-cranked drain snake. (And don’t even think about using chemical drain cleaners, which not only won’t work but might damage the drainpipe.)

The solution to a hair clog in the bathroom is to call for a professional plumber in Havertown, PA. You can count on our professional plumbers to solve the trouble fast with our drain cleaning techniques. However, we’d like to help you stop the problem from starting in the first place. Here’s what you can do to avoid hair clogs in the drains:

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5 Signs You Need a Plumber

Monday, December 4th, 2017

water-leaking-from-holeSometimes you know you need the help of a professional plumber. Burst pipe sending water all over the place? Yep, call a plumber. Toilet that won’t flush? Oh, definitely call a plumber. Clogged up kitchen drain a plunger can’t clear? Call a plumber right away!

But not every plumbing problem is so obvious. Some are sneaky, especially the problems that start small. The trick is catching them when they’re still small so they are easier for a plumber to fix and won’t cause damage to your house.

Here’s our handy guide to 5 warning signs you have plumbing troubles that need a licensed professional plumber to repair:

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Plumber’s Tip: Causes of and Solutions for Frequent Drain Clogs

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Are you getting tired of your kitchen and bathroom drains being clogged on what seems like a daily basis? Plunging the drains, taking them apart to remove a build up of grease and food particles or simply having to call a
Havertown plumber seemingly every month to have a clogged drain snaked – none of this is very appealing to the average homeowner. Fortunately, there are a few preventive tasks you can perform that will reduce the risk of so many clogs.

  • Hair and Food – Hair and food are not meant to go down your drains. A little bit every now and then won’t hurt, but if your drains are open and you allow everything in the fixture to flush down, you’re going to have a problem. Get strainers for your sinks and bathtub and even consider a garbage disposal for your kitchen sink.
  • Grease – In the kitchen it is tempting to just rinse off that frying pan and let the grease on it go down the drain. After all, it’s liquid right? Won’t it continue into the sewer line? Unfortunately, grease that is liquid when being rinsed away will soon solidify, especially as the water around it cools. Combined with hair or food particles, it can create truly stubborn clogs deep in your drains.
  • Non Flushable Items – Certain items are not meant to be flushed. You’ll notice that toilet paper disintegrates almost the second it gets wet – it has been designed for flushing down the toilet. Napkins, paper towels and tissues, among other things, are not meant to be flushed.

The vast majority of drain clogs are completely preventable with some basic changes to how you clean, do dishes and use fixtures in both your kitchen and your bathroom. Make a few simple changes to the rules in your home and ensure everyone understands what can and cannot go down the drain and the vast majority of your problems will be alleviated for good.

For any plumbing service in the Havertown area, give Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. a call!

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