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Weird Causes of Drain Clogs!

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

water-filtration-systemsOn our blog posts, we like to address the more common issues our consumers may run into with their plumbing systems. Drain and toilet clogs are one of the most common problem—quite possibly the most common—type of plumbing issue. But on this post, we want to do a little something different: list a few of strange and more uncommon reasons for drains to clog. You’ll need a professional plumber to handle these problems.

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Signs That You Need Sewer Repair

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Your sewer line is designed to be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible, funneling waste out of your home so you don’t have to deal with it. That can make things difficult when your sewer line malfunctions, as you may not be able to recognize the signs. Though sewer problems tend to be rare, they can have some pretty nasty effects when they do happen. Read on to find out more about how to tell when your sewer line malfunctions.

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How Long Does Trenchless Pipe Replacement Take?

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Trenchless pipe replacement is rapidly becoming the go-to answer for anyone experiencing sewer line problems. It’s fast, reliable, and doesn’t tear your yard up the way previous forms of pipe repair did.  Best of all, because it goes so comparatively quickly, it doesn’t cost nearly as much as other types of pipe repair. So how long does trenchless pipe replacement take? Frank speaking, the answers vary, but often it takes a day or less.

The secret lies in the title of the process. Before trenchless repair came along, you needed to dig up the entire pipe to get to the source of the problem. That usually involved industrial digging equipment and several days with of work.  On top of that, it turned your yard into a construction site.

Contrast that with trenchless pipe repair. The process starts by running a tiny video camera down the pipe on a line to determine the exact source of the problem. That removes the guesswork from the equation. The technician then needs to dig two small holes, and a hydraulic pump is used to pull a pipe liner or pipe–bursting tool and a new pipe through the damaged pipe. When he’s done either repairing or replacing the pipe, he simply refills the holes and turns the water back on. Your yard is left intact and your pipeline is repaired.

Again, the specific times depend on the job, as wells as the weather. (Even digging small holes is tough in the wintertime.) But generally speaking, most trenchless pipe replacement can be done in well under a weekend. (If it doesn’t, your technician should tell you how long it will take before you agree to any terms.) How long the pipe replacement takes is less important, however, than doing a good job the first time. Sewer line replacement isn’t something you want to “redo,” which is why you should contact Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. to perform the operation for you. Call us today for trenchless pipe replacement in Wayne, PA!

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Plumbing Question: What are the Warning Signs of Sewer and Drain Problems?

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Every day your drains and sewer lines work hard to safely dispose of your home’s waste water. Because of all the use they get your sewer and drain lines can often start to develop problems. Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. provides complete drain repairs and sewer repairs in Havertown, PA. We thought it would be helpful for our customers if we put together some of the common signs of sewer and drain problems.

Common Sewer Repairs and Drain Repairs in Havertown, PA

We responded to countless calls for sewer repairs and drain repairs in Havertown, PA and have seen all different kinds of issues. Here are some of the more common ones that we see.

  • Tree roots – As your tree’s roots look for water they can squeeze their way into your drain and sewer pipes. The joints and fitting are areas that are vulnerable to tree roots.
  • Leaks – Over time your drains can start to leak either from old age or because they’ve started to wear out from nearly constant use.
  • Clogs – Clogs are another common drain repair and sewer line repair that we see in Havertown, PA. Clogs can form because of something that got flushed down your toilet or because of something that got put down your garbage disposal.

How to Tell If You Need Sewer or Drain Repairs in Havertown, PA

There are some common warning signs that homeowners should keep an eye out for. Having healthy drains is critical to your home’s proper functioning.

  • Multiple drain clogs – If you start to notice that multiple drains or fixtures are starting to clog it can indicate that you have a serious clog further down in your sewer line.
  • Soggy patches – Soggy patches around your yard can mean that your sewer line is leaking.
  • Sewage odor – If you start to smell sewage around your yard it could indicate that your sewer line is leaking.

If you need sewer line or drain line repairs in Havertown, PA, call the expert plumbers at Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc..

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Plumber’s Guide: When to Consider a Video Camera Pipe Inspection

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Homeowners often do not notice problems with their plumbing systems right away due to the fact that much of their plumbing is simply inaccessible. This delayed reaction to plumbing system problems is a major cause of extensive plumbing damages throughout the country. As with any other system in your home, the sooner a problem with your plumbing in Havertown is resolved, the less likely damage is likely to be. Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. wants to help you avoid such issues with your plumbing. Contact us today to schedule video camera pipe inspection service.

There are a few situations in which a video camera pipe inspection can be a great benefit to your home plumbing system. The most common use of this equipment is to unobtrusively confirm just what the problem with your plumbing is. Video camera pipe inspection equipment makes it possible to diagnose plumbing problems with more accuracy than ever before.

If your drain lines, for instance, are giving you trouble, there could be a number of causes. Complicating matters is the fact that these numerous causes may be in numerous locations. By feeding a flexible rod with a video camera attached to the end into the system a professional plumber can look inside your pipes in real time. This allows your plumber to pinpoint the exact location of any blockages, cracks or other problems within your pipes. The video feed from the camera is displayed on a monitor, and a professional plumber can use this information to help resolve your plumbing issues.

Video camera pipe inspection is also a great way to ensure that the plumbing services you receive are successful. No one wants to assume a job is complete only to rediscover the problem a week or two later. By inspecting the finished product from within the plumbing system your plumber can be sure that his or her work is done.

For more information about the equipment used in a video pipe inspection or its application in Havertown, call Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Our expert plumbers want to help make your home as comfortable and trouble free as possible. Call today for more information.

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Plumber’s Tip: 3 Top Reasons to Go Trenchless

Monday, December 10th, 2012

At Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc., we provide trenchless technology for sewer and water line replacements throughout the Ardmore, PA area. Our plumbers are experts in their field and can get your line replaced before you know it with this advanced technology. We also minimize damage to your property with trenchless methods, which is just one of the many benefits of using this technology.

Are you facing a sewer or water line replacement? We’ve put together three of the top reasons to go trenchless. Call us any time to set up a consultation.

1. Trenchless Pipe Replacement is Cost-Effective

When our plumbers use trenchless technology, they only need to dig a couple of small holes to insert a cable that is attached to a hydraulic machine. The pressure from the machine allows the cable to burst or remove the old line as the new line is being installed. This makes it more cost-effective than spending hours of labor digging a trench in your yard.

2. Minimizes Damage to Your Yard

Because trenchless requires only a minimal amount of digging, you know that you can count on less damage to your property, landscaping, and patios. This avoids digging up trees, unless they are the cause of the problem. If you know that roots have finding their way into your sewer line, you can save yourself the hassle of having a line replaced by having the trees removed, or you can ask about relocating the line during replacement.

3. Faster Repair

In addition to less labor costs, you get your water or sewer line replaced faster. That means you get to get back to your daily routine ASAP.

Call the Ardmore, PA plumbers at Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. if you have questions or would like to schedule a video pipe inspection.

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