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Components of Trenchless Water Line Replacement: A Media Plumbing Guide

It’s a job that homeowners in Media dread: water line replacement. However, trenchless water line replacement is a much less cumbersome approach to water line replacement projects and makes it a relatively painless process. It is much less intrusive and is generally less expensive than traditional pipe replacement. Below we describe some of the components of trenchless water line replacement.

Trenchless Means No Trench

As the name implies, trenchless water line replacement jobs don’t require the digging of a trench. This is a great relief to homeowners because it leaves their landscaping intact. With trenchless projects, only 2 holes are dug in your yard so that the technicians can gain access to both ends of the water line.

Less Time

Without a gigantic trench to dig, trenchless water line replacement normally is done within a day. This also decreases the amount of time that you’re inconvenienced by a large hole and equipment in your yard.

Pipe Relining

After the hole is dug, one way to get a new pipe into the ground is to inflate one. This method involves running a deflated liner into the old pipe. Then a bladder is inserted and inflated to hold the new pipe in place while it adheres to the old pipe. While this doesn’t technically replace the old pipe, it does provide a durable and seamless new pipe inside of your old one. Generally, this only reduces the diameter of the pipe by about 1/4 of an inch.

Pipe Bursting

This method of pipe replacement actually destroys the old pipe and replaces it with a new one. Once both of the holes are dug on either side of your water main, a machine drags a metal cone-shaped head through the existing pipe to break it apart. Immediately behind the cone, is a new pipe that gets inserted as the cone is dragged through the existing hole.

If you’re interested in trenchless water line replacement services at your home in Media, contact Wm. Henderson Plumbing and Heating. We’ll make sure that your home is back up and running quickly and with as little inconvenience for you as possible.

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