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Noticeable Signs & Effects of Hard Water in Your House

Noticeable Signs & Effects of Hard Water in Your House

Your plumbing is central to many of the daily tasks in your home. So when there’s a problem that stops you from receiving any water at all, you know to call a plumber right away. Similarly, leaks and clogs are a mess in your home and lead you to call a plumbing professional as soon as possible. To help you prevent damage to the pipes and appliances in your house, we have compiled a list of the most frequent signs and effects of hard water.

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What Is “Hard Water?”

More than 80% of homes in the United States are affected by hard water. Hard water is a problem with the water supply marked by high levels of minerals, most commonly magnesium and calcium. These minerals are harmless for most people, besides some with compromised immune systems. However, there are a variety of negative effects of hard water you should be familiar with to prolong the life cycle of your water heater, fixtures, washing machine, and other appliances.

Aggravating Effects of Hard Water

Some people recognize the signs of hard water because of the markings left behind around faucets. White or greenish-yellow deposits may form an unsightly ring around the faucets and fixtures in your home. On the other hand, the buildup of minerals from hard water in your pipes may have negative effects on your water pressure. Furthermore, these minerals may stop the flow of water to some of the appliances in your home, such as the washing machine or dishwasher, leading to a costly premature replacement. Another noticeable effect of hard water includes difficulty removing soap while you shower or wash your hands.

Noticeable Signs & Effects of Hard Water in Your HouseUse a Water Softener to Protect Your Pipes & Appliances

A water softener is installed at the water supply of your home in order to eliminate excess magnesium and calcium from your water supply. To soften water, water softeners replace the problematic minerals with another type of substance, usually with sodium ions. Although these use a very small amount of sodium, you may be able to find a system that employs potassium to reduce the signs and effects of hard water on your fixtures, water lines, sewage pipes, and appliances.

Eliminate the Effects of Hard Water With a Water Softener

If you need assistance with a water softener installation or repair, give our team a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 to receive assistance. The team of licensed plumbers at WM Henderson provide maintenance and replacement services for water heaters, water lines, sump pumps, air conditioners, sewer lines, and furnaces. We have been providing trusted and safe plumbing and HVAC services to homes in Pennsylvania since 1977. The team of technicians at WM Henderson have the organization and technical skills required to resolve your issue.