COVID-19 | Your Essential 24/7 Service Team

The Right Care for Your Comfort and Wellbeing Read our message to our community regarding COVID-19 preparedness. No matter what’s in store for your home and family, your Horizon Services team is here to help. Since day one, we’ve followed CDC guidelines and cleanliness best-practices when delivering essential cooling, heating, and plumbing services here in your neighborhood. Today, we’re
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What is an Air Conditioner Compressor? Issues & How to Fix

A compressor, also known as the “heart” of your air conditioner is a vital and often expensive component of your air cooling cycle. This device keeps your home cool and comfortable during the warm weather season by converting power into energy and circulating the refrigerant necessary for the heat exchange process. Simply put, without a working air conditioner compressor, you

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4 Reasons Your Furnace is Making Weird Noises

Typically, the only time homeowners notice a sound coming from their furnace is when it kicks on. At this time a click followed by a low, humming sound can be heard. While it may be normal to hear a furnace making noise at the start of a heating cycle, disruptive sounds that occur throughout the entire heating cycle may indicate

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10 Ways to Stop & Repair Water Damage in Your Home

We’ve all heard the stories: a friend comes home from vacation only to find a flood in their home due to a burst pipe, or a relative watches as their basement fills with water during a particularly rainy storm. Water can flood into homes many ways, but always leaves behind the unpleasant task of cleaning up damage. Deciding how best

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