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3 Common Ductless Heating Repairs

3 Common Ductless Heating Repairs

A ductless mini split is one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems out there. Ducted systems encounter a lot of issues due to air leaks in the ducts that force air conditioning and heating systems to work too hard and become overworked. Luckily, ductless systems have indoor units with individual blower fans, so air does not need to travel through any ducts that may eventually tear or collapse.

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While ductless heating units are fairly durable and may need fewer repairs over time than other forced air systems, there are still some problems they may eventually come across. For ductless heating repair in Media, be sure to call the folks at Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc.

  • Replacing the Reversing Valve: Ductless heating systems are heat pumps, meaning they move heat from one place to another. Just like central air conditioners, ductless systems use refrigerant to move heat from the indoor unit to the outside unit in the summer in order to blow air over the evaporator coil and keep your home cool. In the winter, a ductless heat pump can also move heat from the outdoors to the inside, even in cooler temperatures. The reversing valve is the component that allows refrigerant to reverse directions. But if you notice that your system won’t switch to heating mode, it may be because of a faulty reversing valve, which could just need replacement.
  • Reinstalling of the Indoor Air Handler: Another repair unique to ductless heating systems is if the indoor air handler begins to move away from the wall. This could be a result of faulty installation, and a contractor can securely reaffix the blower unit.
  • Sealing Refrigerant Leaks: While ductless systems will never fall victim to duct leaks, they are just as prone to refrigerant leaks as ducted heat pumps and air conditioners. A refrigerant line connects the indoor units to the outside compressor, and may leak anywhere along the line, at the compressor, or from the reversing valve. This requires immediate repairs, as it could cause parts to break down prematurely.

Be sure to call technicians with the proper skills and equipment to repair any ductless heating issue. For ductless heating repairs in Media, call Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc.