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UV Air Purifiers Help Stop Spring Allergies

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

UV-air-purifierEvery spring, the air is filled with allergens of all varieties, as well as mold and bacteria spores that can make your life miserable. Allergens and germs can also cause problems for newborns and the elderly, who may be more vulnerable to colds and illnesses. You can’t keep your home safe from them by closing the doors or windows, but there are methods you can use to stop those microscopic intruders cold.

We recommend the installation of UV air purifiers in any home worried about biological contaminants like germs and mold spores, as well as cutting down on allergens. How do they work and what kind of benefits do they provide? Read on for the answers.

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Help Your Air Conditioner Last Longer

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

air-conditioning-repairAir conditioners are expensive investments in your home and they should be treated as such. With proper care and attention, they can last a good long time, and save you money with improved efficiency and lower bills in the process. Every air conditioner comes with a warranty, typically lasting around 8-12 years. Ideally, your system will last for many years beyond that, and while nothing is guaranteed, you can take a number of steps to make the process easier.

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3 Common Air Conditioner Problems

Monday, May 8th, 2017

AC-condenser-wrenchWith spring here, now is a very good time to check your air conditioner for any problems. Because you’ll likely have cause to run your air conditioner during the spring, you’ll want to try and spot potential problems without the urgency that comes with the hot months of summer in a few weeks. You will have plenty of time to schedule repairs before summer hits.

Anything that doesn’t match the air conditioner’s normal functioning should be cause for concern, and you should always call a licensed professional rather than trying to diagnose an issue yourself. However, there are some signs prevalent in a number of common problems that you can use to pick up trouble. Three of the most common are listed below.

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