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Don’t Scrape Off That Frost on Your Air Conditioner!

Monday, May 30th, 2016

Our air conditioners are going to be seeing a lot of use in the next few months here in Springfield, PA as temperatures continue to climb ever higher. You may have noticed an unusual phenomenon in your system: frost or ice forming on the coils. Most people either dismiss it — after all, isn’t your air conditioner supposed to be cold? — or try to scrape it ff themselves. Both can be costly mistakes. Frost forming on your coils is the sign of a serious problem, one that you need a trained repair technician to properly address.

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Why Is High Humidity Such a Problem?

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Heat and humidity go hand in hand here in Havertown, PA and sometimes it can be difficult parsing one from the other. But in fact, they’re two different issues and while they often feed into each other, their solutions are often quite distinct. When summer comes, you need to be able to handle both of them adroitly, and the more you understand about how high humidity affects your body, the better your decisions on this front will be. Here’s a quick breakdown  of why high humidity is such a problem?

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Beware of Air Conditioning Myths

Monday, May 16th, 2016

High temperatures are here in Springfield, PA and with summer right around the corner, you’re going to be using your air conditioner more and more often. That means your air conditioning bills will be going up and you want your system to function as effectively as possible in order to keep your home comfortable without going broke. There are a number of air conditioning myths that people accept as truth: plausible, and logical, but wrong all the same. They can cost you a great deal in lost energy, and by making adjustments to avoid them, you can save yourself a great deal of money.

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Don’t Throw These Foods Down the Garbage Disposal

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

We use our garbage disposals every day, and it’s one of those appliances that most of us take for granted. It does its job without complaint and the only time we seem to notice is when something goes wrong. More often than not, however, what goes wrong is people inadvertently putting food down the garbage disposal that they shouldn’t. The wrong kind of food will clog the pipes, damage the gears and in the worst cases can even force you to replace your disposal. The good news is that there’s a plumbing service that can correct the problem. But we believe that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. Before you pour anything you shouldn’t down the drain, take a close look at this list of common foods and make sure you get rid of them in some other way.

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What is a SEER Rating?

Monday, May 9th, 2016

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, now is the time to act. High temperatures and mugginess have already arrived here in Wynnewood, PA, and the longer you delay in making a replacement, the greater the chances of trouble when the heat really hits. If you’re considering your options with a new air conditioner, make sure you look very carefully at the SEER rating, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It’s a measure of how efficient your new air conditioner is and—along with the power output—is the most important thing about it. Here’s why.

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4 Ways to Save on Cooling Costs this Summer

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

The Delaware County & The Main Line, PA area is no stranger to summer heat and humidity. What does that mean for you? Well, you’ll need a means of keeping cool, and most homeowners opt for a central air conditioner, heat pump, or ductless mini split to ensure that their families enjoy crisp refreshment upon entering the house. But with that cooling comes the high cost of energy consumption.

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