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How Does Hard Water Affect My Plumbing?

Monday, August 31st, 2015

Hard water sounds like a serious health risk. In point of fact it’s not. It’s simply water with a particularly high mineral content. Said minerals are typically calcium and magnesium, which aren’t dangerous to humans, though they do lend the water a distinctively mineral taste. While not harmful, however, they can cause problems in your household, particularly in the plumbing. Here in Havertown and Springfield, PA, our soil content is such that hard water can be an ongoing issue. Here’s how hard water affects your plumbing and what you can do to stop it.

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How Do Air Filtration Systems Help Your Air Conditioner?

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Air filtration systems work to improve the quality of your indoor air quality in various ways, from eliminating germs to raising or lowering the humidity level. They’re important on their own as a good way to help your house feel fresher and cleaner, as well as reducing the risk of illness with your family. But they can do more than that. When installed correctly by trained technicians here in Havertown and Springfield, PA, they can also help out your air conditioner immensely by reducing strain and lowering your monthly bills. Here’s a quick primer on how air filtration systems help your air conditioner.

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3 Reasons Not to Wait for Air Conditioning Repair

Monday, August 17th, 2015

When your air conditioner runs into serious problems, most people know that they need to call a repair technician immediately. But not every problem results in a breakdown and in many cases your air conditioner will keep running despite it. We’re in the final phase of summer here in Havertown and Springfield, PA, and many homeowners may want to tough it out in the face of a minor air conditioning problem: letting it run during these final weeks of hot weather and calling in a repair session only after the temperatures drop. This can be a huge mistake. Here are 3 reasons not to wait for air conditioning repair as the summer of 2015 enters its last few weeks.

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What Causes Low Air Flow in Your Air Conditioner?

Monday, August 10th, 2015

If you turn on your air conditioner to escape our hot summers here in Havertown and Springfield, PA, you expect the air to come out cool and comfortable. But you should also expect it to be delivered with a certain amount of speed, the better to get your home comfortable as effectively as possible. When the air flow drops, the system has to run for longer periods of time and expend unnecessary energy to do the same job, energy you’ll end up paying for in higher monthly bills. Furthermore, the extra effort will increase stress on the system, and raise the chances of a significant breakdown happening in the future. So what causes low air flow in your air conditioner? What should you look out for? In general terms, it breaks down into one of two possibilities.

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Why Is an Air Conditioner’s Power Load Important?

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Professionals often talk about properly sizing a new air conditioner, which may lead laymen to think that they’re talking about a unit’s physical size. That can play a role in picking out a new unit, since your air conditioner needs to fit into the space allotted for it. But in most cases, “sizing” refers to the air conditioner’s power load: the amount of energy it puts out to cool your home. Believe it or not, that plays a huge role in how well your new air conditioner functions, and with summers like ours here in Havertown and Springfield, PA, it can save you a huge amount of money over the system’s life. Here’s a quick guide to why an air conditioner’s power load is important.

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