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Repair or Replace: What Should I Do with a Faulty Air Conditioner?

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

Air conditioning is no laughing matter here in Havertown and Springfield, PA. Our summers are hot and muggy and a faulty AC unit can make your life miserable very quickly. Ideally, a problem with your air conditioner can be repaired by a trained expert, but in some cases, the problem may be too great for repairing and a replacement AC is needed. How can you determine that? Specifics vary and it’s probably best to consult with a trained expert before making a decision. But if you’re wondering what to do with a faulty air conditioner, here are a few general guidelines to help draw that line between repair and replace.

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Bad Noises Coming from Your Air Conditioner

Monday, July 27th, 2015

When trouble arises with your air conditioner, you need to act fast. Havertown and Springfield, PA residents know that we can’t afford to go without an air conditioner for even one day in the middle of our summer heat, and the sooner you can jump on a potential problem the better. Some sources of trouble with your AC are obvious, such as low air flow or a lack of cool air. But you should also listen for any noises that are out of the ordinary. They usually stem from a problem, which needs to be treated before it becomes serious. Here’s a quick rundown of some bad noises coming from a faulty air conditioner.

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3 Reasons to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance Today!

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Here in Havertown and Springfield, PA, your air conditioner needs to function without a hitch throughout our hot and muggy summers. A good technician can fix any problems when they arise, but far better than reacting to a sudden crisis is preventing that crisis in the first place. An air conditioning maintenance session is the best way to do that: providing a number of tangible benefits to keep your system working like a Swiss watch and putting money back in your pocket to boot. Here are 3 reasons to schedule air conditioning maintenance today:

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3 Advantages to an Air Filtration System

Monday, July 13th, 2015

Residents of Havertown and Springfield, PA know how valuable a good air conditioner can be during the hot and muggy days of summer. But they should also be aware that temperature control is only one part of making your home comfortable. The other is indoor air quality, which can be affected by anything from high humidity levels to the presence of dust and other contaminants. A proper air filtration system  – be it air cleaners, UV germicidal lights,  humidifiers or some combination thereof – can make a huge difference as far as the air you breathe, as well as helping your family live happier, healthier lives. Here are 3 advantages to an air filtration system that you should consider.

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Signs You Need Your Pipes Replaced

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Some plumbing problems can be solved with the right tools and a little elbow grease. Others, however, require something more extensive, particularly when the plumbing pipes themselves are no longer able to do their job. Here in Havertown and Springfield, PA, trained plumbers are standing by whenever you spot the signs you need your pipes replaced. Spotting them can be difficult, since most of your plumbing is located in the crawlspace or other hard-to-reach locale. However, once you do spot them, you can usually get them replaced without an excessive amount of fuss.

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3 Benefits to Water Treatment Systems

Monday, July 6th, 2015

A water treatment system is a series of filters installed in your home and designed to improve the quality of the water you receive. Some water treatment systems address a specific problem, such as hard water (which comes from excess minerals in the water itself). Others are designed to address a wide variety of water issues at the source. But whatever your needs, this guide is here to ensure you get the water treatment system that’s right for your home. Here are 3 benefits to water treatment systems that you should consider.

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