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Common Commercial HVAC Repairs

Friday, June 27th, 2014

At the basic level of operation, commercial and residential heating and cooling systems are similar. The heat pump that is a popular option for homes and businesses uses the circulation of refrigerant between two different coils to absorb heat in one location and release it in another. However, this similarity is deceptive, since commercial HVAC systems are different in most other ways from the systems found in homes, and the work needed to fix them when they malfunction requires specialized training.

Here are a few of the more common repairs needed for the packaged units that handle the heating and cooling for most businesses. If your company requires any of this kind of work, make sure that you call the Havertown, PA commercial HVAC repair professionals at Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. We are now in our 37th year of business helping people with their comfort needs.

Some common repairs for commercial HVAC systems

  • Recharging refrigerant: For a packaged heat pump to work, it must have the correct level of refrigerant (“Freon”) running through it; this is known as its “charge.” If refrigerant starts to leak from the system and lowers the charge, it will not only affect the unit’s ability to heat and cool, but it will change the pressure inside the system, and this could lead to a catastrophic breakdown in the compressor… a repair need you never want to have. If you discover uneven heating or cooling in your workspace, call for repairs immediately to see if the refrigerant needs recharging.
  • Repairing damaged fans: Packaged units are usually placed on the roof of a business, which removes them from the danger of vandalism and other human interference. But this also leaves them exposed to the elements, and sometimes this will lead to damage to the fans. Bent or misaligned fans will start to strike and damage the rest of the cabinet, causing even larger problems if not caught and fixed in time.
  • Zone control issues: If your company’s workspace is large enough, the HVAC system will have zone control set into the ductwork that allows for separate control over the different rooms. Troubles with the dampers in the ventilation system or failures in the different thermostats can lead to uneven temperatures, and this will require the work of specialists familiar with the complexities of commercial zone control systems.

You need to have a quality contractor capable of handling commercial HVAC repair in Havertown, PA whenever you run into comfort issues.

For expert HVAC repair in Havertown call on Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. for the experienced work that will take care of the repairs fast and right the first time.

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3 Signs That Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Repairs

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Whatever the time of year, your business must have an HVAC system that works efficiently and effectively so that you have content employees and happy customers/clients. It’s especially crucial during the summer and winter months, so when the weather outside starts to move to the extremes, keep a close watch for signs that your heating or cooling is starting to experience problems that could lead to a major malfunction, or even a whole-system breakdown.

You must always act fast when calling for professional commercial HVAC repair in Newton Square, PA.

Make that first call to Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. We have serviced commercial property owners with excellent heating and cooling repair, installation, and maintenance work since 1977.

Here are a few signs to look for that you should call our repair technicians:

Complaints from employees/customers/clients/tenants

Chances are high that the people who work or visit your building will pick up on issues with comfort very quickly. Since people have a wide range of comfort needs, it only takes a small difference in temperature from a malfunction to cause someone to notice it and bring it up. If making small adjustments to the system through the thermostat doesn’t fix the problem, then you need to call in commercial repair specialists to investigate.

A spike in power bills

As a business or property owner, you will want to keep a close watch on your finances to make sure there is no unnecessary waste. Look for leaps in your power bills connected to your HVAC system (electricity, gas, etc.). An unexplained increase that has no connection to the change of seasons and which compares unfavorably to the bills from the same time the previous year will alert you to a possible malfunction within the system. Often, energy drain will start to occur before there is any change in outward performance issues, so you can have repairs done before the trouble affects comfort.

Disruptive operating noises

Commercial HVAC systems are large and powerful, but they are also designed to run as quietly as possible to reduce distractions inside a workplace. When the heater or air conditioner begins to make a racket that disrupts work flow or annoys customers and/or clients, it usually means that the system must have immediate repairs. Watch out for clanging, groaning, and banging noises coming from the vents, as these indicate serious mechanical issues that will soon lead to even larger problems.

Remember that when you call for work on your business’ or property’s heating and cooling, you only contact specialists in commercial HVAC repair in King of Prussia, PA. This isn’t a job that residential repair technicians can handle. Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. has the experience with commercial systems necessary to deliver you the fast and effective repairs you need to protect your company. Contact us today for help with any of your commercial HVAC needs.

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How High Indoor Air Quality Promotes Good Health

Friday, June 13th, 2014

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has identified low indoor air quality as a serious threat that many people in the country face. Since citizens of the U.S. spend, on average, 85% of their days indoors, the issue of low quality air inside homes and businesses is a serious one. Taking steps toward improving the air in your home will provide you with important health benefits. We’ll look at some of the ways that high indoor air quality results in improved health.

You can start improving your home’s air right now with a call to Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. We have Havertown, PA indoor air quality specialists on staff who use a variety of methods to eliminate the contaminants floating around your home, such as air cleaners and UV germicidal lights. Let us provide you with better health this summer and for many seasons to come.

Why higher indoor air quality = better health

The U.S. EPA has done numerous studies of the effects of common household pollutants on health and has come up with finds that show serious short-term and long-term consequences. With professional air quality services assisting you, you will avoid these issues and achieve improved health both in the short and long run.

  • Short-term benefits: Dust and dirt in your air will have immediate effects on your health: eye, nose, and throat irritation; headaches, general fatigue, and dizziness. The effects are similar to the symptoms of the flue and the common cold. Although these conditions are rarely life-threatening and soon subside when you move into an area with better air, they are aggravating and annoying and decrease your quality of life. More serious immediate problems will afflict people with asthma and allergies. Low quality indoor air contains numerous triggers that can be dangerous for asthma sufferers, and will exacerbate allergic reactions. With cleaner air, you will wipe away all these problems: you’ll feel better, more energetic, and anyone in your house with special health needs will have a greater level of protection against the contaminants that can worsen his or her condition.
  • Long-term benefits: The EPA has found a connection between long-term exposure to poor quality air and serious illnesses such as respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer. The EPA is still uncertain as to the link between low indoor air quality and these serious maladies—the causes are always difficult to determine—but while their investigations are ongoing, you should take the possibilities seriously and increase your indoor air quality and reduce the chances of you or your family developing these health problems.

Call our indoor air quality experts today

At Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc., we care about your health and finding the best way to protect it. When you call us, you’ll receive the assistance you need to remove the illness-causing contaminants from the air you breathe in your home.

Whether you need air filters, air purifiers, UV germicidal lights, or humidifiers, Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. can take care of your indoor air quality in Havertown, PA.

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3 Options for Sink Designs in Your Bathroom Remodeling

Friday, June 6th, 2014

A bathroom remodeling can be an exciting prospect, turning a drab eyesore of a bathroom into a convenient and aesthetically pleasing showcase for your home. Among the numerous decisions you need to make during a bathroom remodeling is the kind of sink you want to install. The sink is the mainstay of the space, and it needs to fulfill certain practical functions as well as being a pleasing part of your new bathroom. Here in Delaware County, bathroom remodeling services can give you specific advice about the kind of sink that works best for your home. To give you some ideas, here are 3 options for sink designs in your bathroom remodeling that you may wish to consider.

  • Countertop sinks. These is the most popular sink design you’re likely to find, mostly because of its practical applications. It’s a sink mounted in a hole on the counter, with the plumbing usually connected beneath the counter in a cupboard. This provides plenty of additional counter space for soap and toiletries, as well as allowing easy access to the pipes in the event that repairs are needed.
  • Pedestal sinks. Pedestal sinks are essentially “stand alone” sinks mounted on a stand, with the pipes running down through the stand into the floor. They can solve certain logistical problems presented by particular bathroom layouts, as well as providing an old-school aesthetic evocative of colonial styles. On the downside, they often lack proper space for toiletries and repairing them can be difficult if a leak springs up in the pipe.
  • Wall-mounted sinks. Wall mounted sinks are essentially pedestal sinks that are mounted to the wall instead of relying on their own stands. They combined the features of a countertop sink with a pedestal sink, allowing for certain aesthetic designs while proving easer to access than pedestal sinks in the event of repair.

These are only a few options for sink designs in your bathroom remodeling.

To find the unique look that matches your bathroom, call on the experts at Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. We operate in Delaware County, and we’re completely dedicated to your 100% satisfaction. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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Why Higher Air Conditioning Costs Signal a Need for Repair

Friday, June 6th, 2014

When it comes to air conditioning repair, Havertown residents can’t afford to take chances. The sooner you can jump on a given problem, the faster it will be resolved and the less damage it will do to your system in the interim. This is particularly important because comparatively few air conditioning problems announce themselves overtly. In a number of cases, you need to check for subtle signs that something’s wrong, rather than waiting for a full-bore breakdown. Your monthly energy bills can be an excellent bellwether. If you find your bills going up, even though you’re not using your air conditioner, it’s probably a sign that’s something wrong. Here’s a quick breakdown of why higher air conditioning costs signal a need for repair.

In most cases, those higher costs indicate a loss of efficiency somewhere in the system, which usually results from wear and tear. As individual components wear out, they struggle to work harder into order to do the same job. This, in turn, increases the level of strain on other connected components, which must also work harder. Eventually, that strain will result in a full-bore breakdown, but in the meantime, it will force your system to use more energy, resulting in higher bills every month.

That doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. Those higher bills serve as a warning flag to call in a repair service sooner rather than later. A trained technician can find the worn part and replace it before it breaks down, restoring your system’s efficiency and lowering the amount of strain the rest of the system is undergoing. Not only does that fix the problem, but it usually means a much less expensive repair bill, since you’re treating the source of the issue before it has a chance to damage other components.

If you know why higher air conditioning costs signal a need for repair and you think you need a technician, then call on the experts at Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc.  Contact us today to make an appointment!

We handle all kinds of air conditioning repair, Havertown is part of our service area, and we’d much rather help you prevent a big breakdown than deal with it after it’s occurred.

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