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Prompt Professional Service throughout:Delaware County & The Main Line

Home Heating Services in Delaware County and The Main Line

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Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. provides heating installation, replacement, maintenance and repair services for The Main Line and Delaware County, PA. Call us if you want your new heater installed by a qualified and experienced professional who will get the job done right. We can also ensure that your heating system will run smoothly for years to come with routine maintenance.

  • Here are some of the heating services we offer:
  • Emergency Heating Service
  • Installation of Energy Efficient Systems
  • Repair & Replacement of Gas & Oil Heating Systems
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Steam Systems
  • Warm Air Furnaces
  • Set–back thermostats
  • Chimney Liners
  • Efficiency Tests
  • Seasonal Check–ups
  • Financing Available

Emergency Heating Repair

We understand that you don’t want to worry about your heating system breaking down in the middle of winter. For our commercial customers, we know that any downtime at a business is costly, and they can put time constraints on your company. Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. is committed to providing you courteous and timely emergency repairs for residences and commercial businesses.

In addition to making the necessary repairs, we will run your system through a complete and thorough checkup to make sure that it is operating efficiently and safely. Call us for all your residential and commercial emergency heating repair needs.

Heating System Installation Services

Don’t go through another long, cold winter without checking into the benefits of a high–efficiency heating system. Today’s heating equipment will save you money in energy savings, especially if your furnace or boiler was manufactured before the 1980’s. Most likely, you’re not getting your money’s worth for the dollars you spend to heat your home.

In fact, new EPA and state regulations require manufacturers to meet strict standards when developing furnaces, boilers, and other heating systems. For instance, since 1980 all gas valves have to be double seated. This means that each chamber must fire and prove itself before the primary gas valve will be turned on. Spark ignition, hot surface ignition, and other ways to light the gas valve are now safer and more efficient in operation. Heat exchangers are built to last longer and operate more efficiently. Control systems use the latest technology to operate the HVAC systems manufactured today.

Investing in a High–Efficiency Heating System


When you invest in a high–efficiency heating system, you are probably looking for the greatest return on your investment. This does not mean that you should buy the least expensive product or system on the market. In fact, if you spend a little bit more now on the energy efficient system, it is often more economical in the long run because your investment will pay for itself in energy savings.

One of the best ways to analyze the costs of replacing your old unit is the payback method. Divide the total cost of the product by the estimated yearly energy savings. This will give you the payback period. Today’s equipment will pay for itself in anywhere from 6–10 years. The normal lifespan is more than 20 years.

If you want quality service at great prices, call Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. for all your Havertown and Springfield, PA heating needs!

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