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3 Common Boiler Repairs

Did you know that because boilers have few moving parts, they require less repair work than most other heating systems? This is one of the secrets to their longevity, and a reason they remain so popular with homeowners.

But, of course, no heating system can ever be 100% repair-free. Boilers can have their own specific problems that need to be addressed, especially if they go without regular maintenance.

We’ll go over three of the most common boiler repairs that can crop up during a system’s lifetime. If you need these heating repairs in Springfield, PA for your boiler, call up Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. We’ve serviced boilers since 1977.

Common boiler repairs

  1. Sealing leaks: Leaks can become a problem for any hydronic system. Leaks waste water and can cause damage to building material. Leaks in boilers can occur because of high water pressure, loose connections, or corrosion across the pipes or the tank. It’s important to have professionals look into leaks, because they not only need to seal the leaks, they need to discover the cause of the leaking and fix that as well.
  2. De-scaling the tank: Limescale deposits can begin to build up inside a boiler tank because of high mineral content in the water. As the scale begins to spread through the tank, it will unbalance the temperature of the water. (Scale serves as an insulator, so less heat will escape the tank, leading to overheating.) Professionals must remove the scale to return the tank balance to normal.
  3. Cleaning the burner: Most boilers are gas-powered, and the gas jets that heat the water ignite along a burner beneath the tank. If the burner begins to develop grime and dust along its surface, it will block oxygen from the jets and they will struggle to ignite. A technician will have to remove the burner and clean it so the jets can turn on and continue to heat the water.

Call in professionals

No matter how durable you think your boiler is, when issues such as leaks, high water pressure, and failing gas jets start, you need to have repairs done as soon as possible before your boiler stops working entirely. Professionals can take care of these repairs quickly and accurately.

To help prevent future repairs, make sure to enroll in a preventive maintenance program. A technician will provide your boiler with a yearly check-up to make sure it is in good condition, free from corrosion, excess tank sediment, loose connections, or anything else that might impair its performance.

Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. is here for any heating repair in Springfield, PA that you need to enjoy a pleasant, cozy winter in your home.

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